BFFMedia Business TV: Live & Recorded Video Streams

What makes Business TV unique, is that any business, particularly those with good content creation, can now engage directly with their customers, via a single player embedded on their own website. This player, which they fully control, can be updated or altered easily and offers a variety of possibilities to communicate new promotions or product arrivals, live sales events or great quality, brand story videos.

There are a variety of flexible tools within Business TV, which offers a 24/7 service, without conflict or threat. The player can be optimised for Live Streaming, Promotional and Educational videos. This exciting development offers you an opportunity to build your brand personality and brand story with the fastest growing medium online - video. 

It's really simple to use and is as easy as clicking on our business TV app on your phone and away you go!.

A remote customer support service for education, help and maintenance is provided by our team at Business TV. Some expected results for a business TV user would be an increase in online traffic and sales, by adding interesting videos on brand, products, information and promotions.

This is a real opportunity for the savvy business owner, or a key staff member, to become an online influencer in their business category, adding a strong base to their brand story and putting a personality to their website and social media activities. 

The daily or weekly statistical information provided by Business TV, allows for tight monitoring on the TV platform in terms of number of visitors, time spent viewing and the locations from which viewers visited, enabling almost instant and pertinent feedback for ongoing campaign evaluation. This information, in tandem with focused social media feedback, allows for a strong all-around assessment of what is working and what needs adjustment. Over time, this is a very powerful way to develop your brand.

Videos on Business TV will play without advertising interruption and will not be succeeded by another video unless you have scheduled it to play. These points are just some of the ways Business TV differs from online video platforms such as YouTube.

Here you will see examples of video's made by BFF Media for their customers.