Developing Your Website

Competition in business is a fact of life. Every shop wants to attract more customers than the next one and in order to do that, a business has to be innovative and crystal clear in the message they present to the public. Whether you like it or not, your business is presenting a brand personality in how it reaches out and connects to your potential customers.

Your website is your shop window. It is often the first impression you give to your potential customers and your first chance to impress them.  The ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of your website can help or hinder their decision to visit your showroom. It must project the personality of your ‘brand’. The welcome they will receive, the competence and professionality they will encounter, perhaps the sophistication and elegancy of your products and your commitment to looking after them when they have made their purchase.

While great quality photos and well-worded descriptions of your products are essential, a three-minute video can deliver an even stronger message of the quality, colour choices, and variety of the goods you have available. A short verbal description of your products from one of your staff on a video can start that very important relationship with your viewers. Your customers feel they already know the staff before they arrive at your store and that breaks down some of the most common barriers in making a sale.

Have a look at our selection of one-minute videos from a large selection of business types Here

BFF Media can offer you a redo of your website to tie in with your Social Media strategy or work with your current webmaster to join all the dots.

It is very important that your store, your website and your advertising, either on social media or by more traditional methods, are all saying the same thing and expressing the brand personality of your business. A clear vision of what that looks like is the best starting place and working with one company across all these platforms can tie it all together.

Your website and social media presence are only signposts to direct interested people to your store. Their mission is to make your store stand out from the other store choices your customers are being offered, and often that can be a fine line. You need to know the profile of your customers, their wants and wishes, their budget and their style. With that information, we can accurately present your business to meet their criteria.

Within your product offering, you will recognise that each customer presents different wants and needs. These needs generally break down into two categories:

1. Something that solves a problem for them.

This is the customer who simply needs to replace something that has broken or is damaged. They don’t want to spend a lot of money but want value for what they get. The style of often secondary to price.

2. Something that makes them feel good.

These people want a good quality product that will last. A product that they can feel proud of when their visitors call to see them and admire what they have bought. They are happy to spend money to achieve that goal.

Your website, social media and store must appeal to both of these groups of people. This is very achievable with some creative design planning and a strong brand message.

Statistics: Yours & Your Competitors:

Keeping up with how your business is performing on the internet and social media can be time-consuming and at times a little complex, however, it is critical in order to get the best value and best response from your strategy.  Knowledge is power because it directs your actions. We will take the complexity out of the details and present you with the relevant information in a monthly report that will allow you to make good decisions and take precise actions.

We can give you statistics on your current web performance, including how much traffic your site is getting, where it is coming from, how long the people are staying on your site, how many pages they are looking at, and most importantly, the bounce rate, which is what percentage land on your site and leave immediately. This information is critical and correcting it will lead to a higher rank in Google search.

Here's an example:

The visit numbers look fine, and 287 of the 402 are new visitors, however, the 71.43% bounce rate says that a staggering 287 people left the website immediately. As you can see, that's the same number of new visitors!. What does that tell us? Perhaps you have started using Google Adwords or pay-per-click or maybe you have a new social media campaign and its driving traffic to your website - great, however, it looks like you're giving the wrong message because the people are not finding what they are expecting to find, and leaving your site immediately.

This has two negative effects. 1. it is costing you advertising money for no return 2. Google will lower your rank because it can see that the people they are sending to your website are not finding what they are looking for. This is why you need to be on top of this data.

Who is your Competition:

You need to know who you are competing with. We can 'keep an eye' on your closest competitors. What traffic they are attracting, what key search terms they are using, how long people are staying on their website, what is their bounce rate, and also how well they are doing on their social media platform.

Keeping one step ahead of your competition keeps your bottom line healthy.