About Us

BFF Media deliver bespoke social media services, designed to interest and capture your audience and find the perfect fit for your brand.

Over 60% of Irish adults use social media every day. More and more, it is via social media, that recommendations and notifications are passed from person to person. This means that having a presence on social media is critical. When your potential customers are there, you need to be there too.

When it comes to advertising, Facebook has one very important feature that determines its effectiveness in marketing today. It has 100% user recognition. When a user opens an account, they voluntarily provide their personal details, so regardless of the device they use, Facebook knows their age, gender, interests and location.  It also often knows their skills and qualifications, employment and marital status. It knows what time each day that they are usually online, what posts they like and what attracts their attention. This information allows us to be truly flexible and targeted with advertising.

Our mission is to work with you to strengthen your brand, reach more customers and increase sales. We will carefully listen to your wishes and desires and provide high quality advise and input on how we can manage your expectations in relation to your budget.

Your business is unique and requires an individual online image and personality. There are people looking for your products and services and we want to connect them to you. We have proven methods to increase your brand recognition, increase your audience and grow your profits.